Deborah Tannen

In You Just Don't Understand: Men and Women in Conversation, Deborah Tannen -- a professor of linguistics at Georgetown University -- addresses linguistic differences as they relate to intimate male/female relations.As a student of Robin Lakoff she had been introduced to Lakoff's research on gender and language. Tannen had already written a book on conversational styles, in which she devoted ... Long before she was the acclaimed author of 'You Just Don't Understand,' a groundbreaking book about women and men, Deborah Tannen was a girl who adored her father. Though he was often absent ... Deborah Tannen is a frequent guest on television and radio news and information shows, including The Colbert Report, 20/20, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Rachael Ray Talk Show, PBS NewsHour, Charlie Rose, Oprah, Hardball, Nightline, many shows on CNN and NPR including 1A, Morning Edition, All Things Considered, The Diane Rehm Show ... read deborah tannen's most recent op-eds. The Washington Post, “How the pandemic has changed the way we greet each other”. TIME's Motto, 'The Truth About How Much Women Talk -- And Whether Men Really Listen' . The Washington Post, 'It's not just Trump's message that matters.There's also his metamessage' View Full List of Articles Deborah Tannen is best known as the author of You Just Don't Understand, which was on The New York Times Best Seller list for nearly four years years, including eight months as No. 1, and has been translated into 29 languages. It was also on best seller lists in Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, and Hong Kong. Deborah Tannen is a frequent guest on television and radio news and information shows, including The Colbert Report, 20/20, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Rachael Ray Talk Show, PBS NewsHour, Charlie Rose, Oprah, Hardball, Nightline, and many shows on CNN and NPR such as Morning Edition, All Things Considered, The Diane Rehm Show ... Deborah Tannen is University Professor and a professor of linguistics at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. She is the author of 15 books, including You Just Don’t Understand: ... University Professor Department of Linguistics Georgetown University 471 ICC, Box 571051 3900 Reservoir Road, NW Washington, DC 20057 Phone: 202 687-5910 Deborah Tannen’s ‘Finding My Father’ pays tribute to a man whose many jobs became his life story. By Marion Winik. September 23, 2020 at 1:01 PM EDT “I adored my father.” Tannen, D. (1994). Talking from 9 to 5: Women and men in the workplace: Language, sex, and power. New York: Avon Books. Summary: Tannen outlines differences in conversational styles between the genders. She claims that many of issues and tensions between gender are a result of not necessarily

There is no unmarked woman

2020.08.25 00:31 Catters There is no unmarked woman

There is no unmarked woman, by Deborah Tannen. It was initially called “Wears Jump Suit. Sensible Shoes. Uses Husband’s Last Name.” It was published in the NYT in June, 1993.
There is no unmarked woman.
I keep reading posts by people who are too intimidated to change their style or too intimidated to wear what they really like. Hellokatie930 described it as “feeling like [] playing dress up,” and that hit home for me and reminded me of this article. Maybe this will make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin all the time (hopefully not). For me, it made me realize that it doesn’t matter if I dress wild or basic. People will always be looking anyway, so I may as well have fun with it.
Summary (I can't do it justice; just read it! Come on, at least the first half.):
There is no such thing as an unmarked woman. The choice to look professional or practical or sensual is perceived as a choice and sends a message. Wearing makeup marks a woman as “trying”; not wearing makeup is a statement about “not trying.” There is no default women’s hairstyle. Short or severe is a statement; long or loose is a statement; carefully coiffed is a statement. Women’s appearances are seen as always deliberate choices. On the other hand, men’s fashion choices can easily blend into the background: a button-down shirt with slacks, practical flat shoes. A t-shirt and jeans. They can be unmarked (though, does this make it even more difficult for them to dress creatively?).
Isn’t this awfully dependent on the gender binary? I think this can be expanded outside of the gender binary. Maybe only straight cis men can be truly unmarked. For example, I’ve heard LGBTQ people are described as “flamboyant,” or “butch,” or “gay, but you wouldn’t know it.” Signaling their sexuality is seen as a deliberate choice, but blending in and not signaling their sexuality is still perceived as a deliberate choice. As another example, being trans definitely makes people marked, bringing a plethora of un-asked-for comments from complete strangers and scrutiny about whether or not they’re “passing."
What does this mean for me, as a cis woman? Personally, this feels like both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, no matter how neutral my basics are, I can never fully blend into the background. On the other hand, since there is no norm to adhere to, I feel free to try out new things, since my choices would feel scrutinized regardless. If I’m always making a statement anyway, I may as well choose the statement I’m making.
Do you feel marked in general? What clothing makes you feel the most marked?
Is there anything you wear that makes you feel unmarked?
Do you prefer to feel marked or unmarked?
What are your thoughts?
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2020.04.01 07:30 99monkees Terry Papillon “How to Create a Schism” (2017)

How to Create a Schism -
The notion of schismogenesis comes out of the anthropological writings of Gregory Bateson, such as “Naven”. [7. It also derives from the political work of Lewis Fry Richardson (1939)] Bateson defines schismogenesis as “a process of differentiation in the norms of individual behaviour resulting from cumulative interaction between individuals” (1958, 175). He distinguishes two major types of schismogenesis: symmetrical differentiation and complementary differentiation. Both of these types lead to separation into groups.
Symmetrical differentiation includes two groups who have the same aspirations and behavior patterns: Group One shows a behavior (A) toward Group Two. Group Two shows the same behavior pattern (A) back toward Group One. Bateson discusses the possibility of “progressive differentiation” (1935, 181) where the symmetrical pattern becomes more extreme. us, if Group One boasts and Group Two boasts back, the boasts will grow louder on both sides.
Complementary differentiation has two groups who show different behavior patterns. Group One shows one behavior pattern (X) consistently to Group Two, while Group Two shows a different behavior pattern (Y) consistently back toward Group One. Complementary differentiation can lead to progressive unilateral distortion of each group, where Group One shows a greater or more extreme version of their pattern (X) and Group Two shows a greater or more extreme version of its own pattern of reaction (Y).
Thus with two groups where the relationship is assertion-submission, the assertive behavior will become stronger for Group One, and Group Two will become more and more submissive. [8. To explain how the styles between women and men can drive each other to more exaggerated forms of behavior, Deborah Tannen (1993, 177–84; 1994, 234–36; 2001, 103–5) explains how the split is created in a complementary way. Two people who have different styles (of communication, personality, behavior) end up exhibiting more exaggerated forms of that different behavior than they would if they were not encountering someone with an opposite style.]
The list below shows examples of different kinds of behaviors that can be categorized (based on Bateson 1935, 182):
Bateson believed that cultural situations exhibiting one form of schismogenesis can be controlled by the admixture of a small bit of the other type. [9.Bateson is more guarded about this in the conclusion to the second edition of “Naven” (1958).] This would keep schismogenesis from becoming extreme and leading to the downfall of the social structure. In the complementary pattern, the group that becomes increasingly submissive, for example, would have to assert itself eventually or finally be destroyed.
In symmetrical schismogenesis, as the boasting continues to grow on both sides, eventually one side would need to show some sense of submission or the boasts would grow to a hostile degree and lead to the destruction of one or both sides. This latter example may be the pattern leading up to the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War. Furthermore, such lack of moderation may have been the case in the later events of the fourth century in Greece, where rival states continued to vie for control.
As set out by Bateson, schismogenesis occurs in a cultural context; that is, it is a behavior that happens among people. It can also be political, occurring on the state level as well as the individual or tribal level (Richardson 1939). In rhetorical terms, dissociation serves as a technique that might have some effect upon schismogenesis (promoting it or reducing it, for example). Perelman and Olbrechts-Tyteca used the term dissociation most famously in their study e New Rhetoric: A Treatise on Argumentation (1969, 411–59).[10. See also Perelman 1982, 126–37.]
Edward Schiappa summarizes this approach as “a strategy whereby an advocate attempts to break up a previously unified idea into two concepts; one which will be positively valued by the audience, and one which will be negatively valued” (1985, 73). Since this assumes the separation of ideas that were formerly thought of as a unified concept, such an argument can have a profound impact on the culture (Perelman and Olbrechts-Tyteca 1969, 411–12).
SEE: “Unity, Dissociation and Schismogenesis In Isocrates”” by Terry L. Papillon (pg 24-25) “Logos without Rhetoric” 2017 University of South Carolina
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2020.01.16 23:10 RedditSkippy NYT Article on Annoying Parents: Observation and Question

This is a NYT parenting newsletter article from mid-December. I wish I had been reminded before I spent Christmas with my parents that everyone has a somewhat similar experience when spending time as adults with their parents. However, the mother-daughter dynamic the article describes, specifically this:
The most typical negative mother-daughter interaction involves this dynamic: Adult daughters feel criticized by their mothers, and mothers feel their daughters are being too sensitive, said Deborah Tannen, Ph.D....
Interestingly, I think the dynamic is exactly the OPPOSITE with me. My mother feels I'm always criticizing her, and I feel like she's being too sensitive. Anyone else?
My mother has always been horribly insecure, and in my mid-40s, I'm still coming to grips with how this affected my childhood and sense of self as an adult.
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2019.10.21 09:03 Lu8989 "There is No Unmarked Woman" - short essay by Deborah Tannen (1993)

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2019.02.14 15:20 AliciaWrites [TT] Theme Thursday - Regret

“We all feel wistfulness or regret about roads not taken.”

― Deborah Tannen

Happy Thursday writing friends!

Regret is a tricky thing. I try not to regret things because I know the things I’ve done have made me who I am today. But I know we all wish there were things that we did differently or did at all. I know we all wonder if things would be better if we’d taken a different path.
[IP] [MP]
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Please join us for Theme Thursday campfires in our Discord every Wednesday about 5pm central US!

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  • Use the tag [TT] for prompts that match this week’s theme.
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As a reminder to all of you writing for Theme Thursday: the interpretation is completely up to you! I love to share my thoughts on what the theme makes me think of but you are by no means bound to these ideas! I love when writers step outside their comfort zones or think outside the box, so take all my thoughts with a grain of salt if you had something entirely different in mind.
Last week’s theme: First Kiss
This week was sooooooo difficult!!!
First by TenspeedGV
Second by rudexvirus
Third by xLemonPhantomx
Fourth by JohannesVerne
Fifth by Palmerranian
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2018.12.26 23:44 RochesterUser Conversation analysis?

Hey all, forgive me if this falls outside of the realm of linguistics, or if this is an ignorant question.

I'm curious to know if anybody has mapped out the structures of conversations, maybe using tree structures/hierarchies that show the topics discussed (I say "hierarchies" because often a topic has other sub-topics inside of it). So far, the closest I've seen is Deborah Tannen's work, but that is "conversation analysis" in a very different sense. From what I understand, Tannen's focus is on conversational style--things like rate of speech, the types of sentences people use, whether they use sarcasm, how they relate to others, style of humor, the types of subjects they are comfortable with, etc.

But what I am looking for is a mapping of the formal structure of how conversations between people tend to proceed in terms of topics over time. It's more like the way one might map out the formal structure of a musical composition or a novel.

Any ideas?

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2018.11.07 06:29 MendyZibulnik Lost

I hate
Losing things
They say
The universe
Conserves information
It's an evil lie
Twisted truths
To stop us seeing
To stop us feeling
How can they say that
I forgot
My scarf
And never saw it
How can they say that
Starts breaking
At the moment of making
How can I bear
The memories
Of a parade
Of watches
Lost or broken
One after the other
Reality keeps
Slipping away
Ever faster
Through its own cracks
How can they say that
Every time
I leave
Some place
I leave
Some thing
Some baggage
The universe
To part
From me
In a foreign land
Where no one
Will know
Its tale
Or even
That it's mine.
How can I bear
To lose my train
Of thought
Or the thread
Of conversation
And then
Watch them
Boldly crossing
The battle lines
To join
The Other Side
How can they say that
Have gained
In black and white
From Prometheus's
To lose it
Once more
To flames
Of a more ordinary
How can I bear
To watch
As if they were
No more
Than their card facade
How can they say that
Come and go
Like repairmen
Each one
Part of me
With it
As continuity
To dissolve
The Calculus
Of Identity
You see!
They can't!
It doesn't!
It's just a lie!
But I
Won't stop
Won't stop
Not yet
For formatting:
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2018.11.06 06:48 xenonscreams Deborah Tannen

Tell me what you see from there Is it lift?
Well, I know the mechanics of lift See, when fluid flows So force goes Perpendicular— That’s lift
Then is it—
I told you
I’ll tell you What I see It’s The smell of the storm The sting of the boil The taste of clay against your lips The weight of the gai wan The sound of unfurling oolong The second steeping— That’s lift
Well, I know the mechanics of lift—
I understand I was there last week The mathematician, he told me Feels like categorical coherence Like univalence Like an endofunctor And, see, I can muse all day About wellfounded trees But the feeling of an endofunctor remains elusive
That’s easy It’s a functor From a category To itself C to C
Sea to sea I see Then is it lift?
Say I can muse all day About gravitational waves But the feeling of lift remains elusive
Well, I don’t know the mechanics of lift But I can feel it And there’s a meeting point, see I’ll stand Where you stand And you’ll sit And drink tea
But if you can’t see it And I can’t taste it Why bother?
1 2
I am very tired, so my feedback isn't as good as usual right now.
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2018.10.22 01:27 sexpollbot Deborah Tannen on gendered speech, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and you (released 11/01/2016)

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2018.09.27 01:02 LittleBubbs Communication is a continual balancing act, juggling the conflicting needs for intimacy and independence. To survive in the world, we have to act in concert with others, but to survive as ourselves, rather than simply as cogs in a wheel, we have to act alone. —Deborah Tannen

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2018.07.19 09:26 gotja Having trouble getting a gauge for how I impact people, anyone experience this or have advice?

There are times when I think I might be upsetting or alienating people and have no idea how or why. Sometimes I ask and they won't say anything, or everything is 'fine'. And I don't know for certain which diagnosis it stems. Is it just bad behaviors learned from parents, or some kind of brain thing... I dunno.
I know people often go "well isn't it obvious". Well, no, because if I had known I wouldn't be doing something wrong in the first place.
There are times when people say I've done nothing wrong, that I'm overly worried, they don't know why so and so is upset; and other times when people clearly think I should know something upset people. And I don't know why and can't seem to get a clear answer. So there's no consistency to work with.
I didn't have the best parents to teach me this stuff, and I'm supposedly 'too old' now not to know better, but that doesn't mean I've gotten clear feedback. I've seen people get left behind because they need too much help, much more than a peer can give. There's really no resouces I know of that people can learn from for certain gaps of awareness. I've filled in as best I could. When I was a kid I read some body language books and a couple of Deborah Tannen's books and that helped clear up some confusion.
Therapists don't seem to pick up on anything that I can tell. They tell me I'm fine. I feel like I'm missing some secret knowledge no one talks about, you're just supposed to magically intuit it.
Anyone experience something similar and learned from it, or notice something I've done that I might not be aware, or maybe you think I'm aware but might not be?
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2017.11.08 08:28 lennykravitzdick Deborah Tannen on gendered speech, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and you (released 1 November 2016)

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2017.10.22 21:07 schroeder8306 You're Wearing That? Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation by Deborah Tannen. Kindle/Google play ($1.99)

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2017.06.11 14:40 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Deborah Tannen: Message and metamessage in Comey’s testimony Salt Lake Tribune

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2017.06.11 14:10 AutoNewsAdmin [Op-Ed] - Deborah Tannen: Message and metamessage in Comey’s testimony

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2017.05.27 09:03 tombstoneshadows28 All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 1988 (out of the 3,475 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. Al Sagenatan (Director: Ahmed Elnahas)
  2. Daffy Duck’s Quackbusters (Directors: Greg Ford, Friz Freleng, Chuck Jones, Terry Lennon, Robert McKimson + Maurice Noble)
  3. Felix The Cat: The Movie (Director: Tibor Hernádi)
  4. My Neighbor Totoro (Director: Hayao Miyazaki)
  5. Oliver + Company (Director: George Scribner)
  6. Pound Puppies + The Legend Of Big Paw (Director: Pierre DeCelles)
  7. Puss In Boots (Director: Eugene Marner)
  8. Return To Treasure Island (Director: David Cherkasskiy)
  9. The Frog Prince (Director: Jackson Hunsicker)
  10. The Land Before Time (Director: Don Bluth)
  11. The New Adventures Of Pippi Longstocking (Director: Ken Annakin)
  12. The Outside Chance Of Maximilian Glick (Director: Allan A. Goldstein)
  13. Tommy Tricker + The Stamp Traveler (Director: Michael Rubbo)
  1. 18 Again (Director: Paul Flaherty)
  2. A Few Days With Me (Director: Claude Sautet)
  3. A Handful Of Dust (Director: Charles Sturridge)
  4. A World Apart (Director: Chris Menges)
  5. After The Rain (Director: Harry Thompson)
  6. Alien From L.A. (Director: Albert Pyun)
  7. Aloha Summer (Director: Tommy Lee Wallace)
  8. Andy Colby’s Incredible Adventure (Director: Deborah Brock)
  9. Another Woman (Director: Woody Allen)
  10. Appointment With Death (Director: Michael Winner)
  11. Arthur II: On The Rocks (Director: Bud Yorkin)
  12. Beetlejuice (Director: Tim Burton)
  13. Bernadette (Director: Jean Delannoy)
  14. Big (Director: Penny Marshall)
  15. Big Business (Director: Jim Abrahams)
  16. Big Top Pee-Wee (Director: Randal Kleiser)
  17. BraveStarr: The Legend (Director: Tom Tataranowicz)
  18. Buckeye + Blue (Director: Juleen Compton)
  19. Burning Secret (Director: Andrew Birkin)
  20. Business As Usual (Director: Lezli-An Barrett)
  21. Caddyshack II (Director: Allan Arkush)
  22. Cocoon: The Return (Director: Daniel Petrie)
  23. ‘Crocodile’ Dundee II (Director: John Cornell)
  24. Crossing Delancey (Director: Joan Micklin Silver)
  25. Da (Director: Matt Clark)
  26. Dakota (Director: Fred Holmes)
  27. Dance Academy (Director: Ted Mather)
  28. Dangerous Curves (Director: David Lewis)
  29. Defense Play (Director: Monte Markham)
  30. Diamond’s Edge (Director: Stephen Bayly)
  31. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Director: Frank Oz)
  32. Doin’ Time On Planet Earth (Director: Charles Matthau)
  33. Earth Girls Are Easy (Director: Julien Temple)
  34. Eight Men Out (Director: John Sayles)
  35. Ernest Saves Christmas (Director: John R. Cherry III)
  36. Funny Farm (Director: George Roy Hill)
  37. Gandahar (Director: René Laloux)
  38. Hairspray (Director: John Waters)
  39. High Frequency (Director: Faliero Rosati)
  40. High Hopes (Director: Mike Leigh)
  41. Hot To Trot (Director: Michael Dinner)
  42. Illegally Yours (Director: Peter Bogdanovich)
  43. Into The Spider’s Web (Director: Warren Chaney)
  44. Iron Eagle II (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  45. It Takes Two (Director: David Beaird)
  46. Journey To Spirit Island (Director: László Pal)
  47. Journey To The Center Of The Earth (Directors: Rusty Lemorande + Albert Pyun)
  48. Judgement In Berlin (Director: Leo Penn)
  49. Little Nikita (Director: Richard Benjamin)
  50. Lucky Stiff (Director: Anthony Perkins)
  51. Mac + Me (Director: Stewart Raffill)
  52. Magdalene (Director: Monica Teuber)
  53. Missing Link (Directors: Carol Hughes + David Hughes)
  54. Moonwalker (Directors: Jerry Kramer, Jim Blashfield + Colin Chivers)
  55. Police Academy V: Assignment: Miami Beach (Director: Alan Myerson)
  56. People Purple Eater (Director: Linda Shayne)
  57. Quicker Than The Eye (Director: Nicolas Gessner)
  58. Return Of The Killer Tomatoes! (Director: John De Bello)
  59. Return To Snowy River (Director: Geoff Burrowes)
  60. Rocket Gibraltar (Director: Daniel Petrie)
  61. Salsa (Director: Boaz Davidson)
  62. Saturday The 14th Strikes Back (Director: Howard R. Cohen)
  63. Shadow Dancing (Director: Lewis Furey)
  64. Short Circuit II (Director: Kenneth Johnson)
  65. Stand + Deliver (Director: Ramón Menéndez)
  66. Switching Channels (Director: Ted Kotcheff)
  67. The Accidental Tourist (Director: Lawrence Kasdan)
  68. The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen (Director: Terry Gilliam)
  69. The Bear (Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud)
  70. The Dawning (Director: Robert Knights)
  71. The Great Outdoors (Director: Howard Deutch)
  72. The House O Carroll Street (Director: Peter Yates)
  73. The In Crowd (Director: Mark Rosenthal)
  74. The Invisible Kid (Director: Avery Crounse)
  75. The Loves Of Kafka (Director: Beda Docampo Feijóo)
  76. The Music Teacher (Director: Gérard Corbiau)
  77. The Navigator (Director: Vincent Ward)
  78. The Perfect Match (Director: Mark Diemel)
  79. The Rescue (Director: Ferdinand Fairfax)
  80. The River Pirates (Director: Tom G. Robertson)
  81. The Wizard Of Speed + Time (Director: Mike Jittlov)
  82. The Wrong Guys (Director: Danny Bilson)
  83. Things Change (Director: David Mamet)
  84. Trading Hearts (Director: Neil Leifer)
  85. Tucker: The Man + His Dream (Director: Francis Ford Coppola)
  86. Twins (Director: Ivan Reitman)
  87. Urusei Yatsura 5: The Final Chapter (Satoshi Dezaki)
  88. Vibes (Director: Ken Kwapis)
  89. Vice Versa (Director: Brian Gilbert)
  90. We Think The World Of You (Director: Colin Gregg)
  91. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (Director: Robert Zemeckis)
  92. Wildfire (Director: Zalman King)
  93. Willow (Director: Ron Howard)
  94. Without A Clue (Director: Thom Eberhardt)
  95. Young Einstein (Director: Yahoo Serious)
  96. Zelly + Me (Director: Tina Rathbone)
  1. A Cry In The Dark (Director: Fred Schepisi)
  2. A New Life (Director: Alan Alda)
  3. A Summer Story (Director: Piers Haggard)
  4. A Time Of Destiny (Director: Gregory Nava)
  5. Apprentice To Murder (Director: Ralph L. Thomas)
  6. Beaches (Director: Garry Marshall)
  7. Berlin Blues (Director: Ricardo Franco)
  8. Biloxi Blue (Director: Mike Nichols)
  9. Bloodstone (Director: Dwight H. Little)
  10. Cheap Shots (Directors: Jerry Stoeffhaas + Jeff Ureles)
  11. Chocolat (Director: Claire Denis)
  12. Clara’s Heart (Director: Robert Mulligan)
  13. Critters II: The Main Course (Director: Mick Garris)
  14. Crusoe (Director: Caleb Deschanel)
  15. Dark Before Dawn (Director: Robert Totten)
  16. Dark Mission: Evil Flowers (Director: Jesús Franco)
  17. Desert Warrior (Director: Jim Goldman)
  18. Distant Voices, Still Lives (Director: Terence Davies)
  19. Dixie Lanes (Director: Don Cato)
  20. Dominick + Eugene (Director: Robert M. Young)
  21. Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark (Director: James Signorelli)
  22. Far North (Director: Sam Shepard)
  23. Feds (Director: Daniel Goldberg)
  24. For Keeps? (Director: John G. Avildsen)
  25. Fresh Horses (Director: David Anspaugh)
  26. Gor II (Director: John ‘Bud’ Cardos)
  27. Gorillas In The Mist (Director: Michael Apted)
  28. Hannah’s War (Director: Menahem Golan)
  29. Heartbreak Hotel (Director: Chris Columbus)
  30. High Spirits (Director: Neil Jordan)
  31. It’s Murphy’s Fault (Director: Robert J. Smawley)
  32. Judgement Day (Director: Ferde Grofé Jr.)
  33. Killer Klowns From Outer Space (Director: Stephen Chiodo)
  34. Lady In White (Director: Frank LaLoggia)
  35. Lemon Sky (Director: Jan Egleson)
  36. License To Drive (Director: Greg Beeman)
  37. Madame Sousatzka (Director: John Schlesinger)
  38. Memories Of Me (Director: Henry Winkler)
  39. Moon Over Parador (Director: Paul Mazursky)
  40. My Stepmother Is An Alien (Director: Richard Benjamin)
  41. Night Of The Sharks (Director: Tonino Ricci)
  42. Nightfall (Director: Paul Mayersberg)
  43. Norman’s Awesome Experience (Director: Paul Donovan)
  44. Paperhouse (Director: Bernard Rose)
  45. Paramedics (Director: Stuart Margolin)
  46. Pascali’s Island (Director: James Dearden)
  47. Permanent Record (Director: Marisa Silver)
  48. Police Story II (Director: Jackie Chan)
  49. Poltergeist III (Director: Gary Sherman)
  50. Pulse (Director: Paul Golding)
  51. Running On Empty (Director: Sidney Lumet)
  52. Satisfaction (Director: Joan Freeman)
  53. Scrooged (Director: Richard Donner)
  54. She’s Having A Baby (Director: John Hughes)
  55. Stealing Home (Directors: Steven Kampmann + William Porter)
  56. Sticky Fingers (Director: Catlin Adams)
  57. The Deceivers (Director: Nicholas Meyer)
  58. The Naked Gun: From The Files Of “Police Squad!” (Director: David Zucker)
  59. The Night Before (Director: Thom Eberhardt)
  60. The Penitent (Director: Cliff Osmond)
  61. The Wizard Of Loneliness (Director: Jenny Bowen)
  62. Tonkô (Director: Jun'ya Satô)
  1. ’68 (Director: Steven Kovacs)
  2. 1969 (Director: Ernest Thomson)
  3. 976-EVIL (Director: Robert Englund)
  4. A Fish Called Wanda (Director: Charles Crichton + John Cleese)
  5. A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon (Director: William Richert)
  6. A Nightmare On Elm Street, Part IV: The Dream Master (Director: Renny Harlin)
  7. Above The Law (Director: Andrew Davis)
  8. Act Of Piracy (Director: John ‘Bud’ Cardos)
  9. Action Jackson (Director: Craig R. Baxley)
  10. After School (Director: William Olsen)
  11. Akira (Director: Katsuhiro Ôtomo)
  12. Alien Nation (Director: Graham Baker)
  13. American Gothic (Director: John Hough)
  14. American Roulette (Director: Maurice Hatton)
  15. Amsterdamned (Director: Dick Maas)
  16. And God Created Woman (Director: Roger Vadim)
  17. Angel III: The Final Chapter (Director: Tom DeSimone)
  18. Apartment Zero (Director: Martin Donovan)
  19. Arizona Heat (Director: John G. Thomas)
  20. Around The World In Eighty Ways (Director: Stephen MacLean)
  21. Assault Of The Killer Bimbos (Director: Anita Rosenberg)
  22. Attack At Down (Director: Chris D. Nebe)
  23. B.O.R.N. (Director: Ross Hagen)
  24. Backfire (Director: Gilbert Cates)
  25. Bad Dreams (Director: Andrew Fleming)
  26. Bat*21 (Director: Peter Markle)
  27. Beach Balls (Director: Joe Ritter)
  28. Betrayed (Director: Costa-Gavras)
  29. Bird (Director: Clint Eastwood)
  30. Black Eagle (Director: Eric Karson)
  31. Black Roses (Director: John Fasano)
  32. Blood Relations (Director: Graeme Campbell)
  33. Bloodsport (Director: Newt Arnold)
  34. Blue Movies (Directors: Ed Fitzgerald + Paul Koval)
  35. Blueberry Hill (Director: Strathford Hamilton)
  36. Born To Race (Director: James Fargo)
  37. Braddock: Missing In Action III (Director: Aaron Norris)
  38. Bright Lights, Big City (Director: James Bridges)
  39. Brothers In Arms (Director: George Bloom)
  40. Bull Durham (Director: Ron Shelton)
  41. Bulletproof (Director: Steve Carver)
  42. Bum Rap (Director: Danny Irom)
  43. Buster (Director: David Green)
  44. Buy + Cell (Director: Robert Boris)
  45. Bye Bye Baby (Director: Enrico Oldoini)
  46. Call Me (Director: Sollace Mitchell)
  47. Cameron’s Closet: Armand Mastroianni)
  48. Camille Claudel (Director: Bruno Nuytten)
  49. Casual Sex? (Director: Geneviève Robert)
  50. Catacombs (Director: David Schmoeller)
  51. Cellar Dweller (Director: John Carl Buechler)
  52. Cemetery High (Director: Gorman Bechard)
  53. Cheerleader Camp (Director: John Quinn)
  54. Child’s Play (Director: Tom Holland)
  55. Cinema Paradiso (Director: Giuseppe Tornatore)
  56. Clean + Sober (Director: Glenn Gordon Caron)
  57. Cocktail (Director: Roger Donaldson)
  58. Cohen + Tate (Director: Eric Red)
  59. Colors (Director: Dennis Hopper)
  60. Coming To America (Director: John Landis)
  61. Consuming Passions (Director: Giles Foster)
  62. Cop (Director: James B. Harris)
  63. Counterforce (Director: José Antonio de la Loma)
  64. Crackdown (Director: John Garwood)
  65. Criminal Law (Director: Martin Campbell)
  66. Curse Of The Blue Lights (Director: John Henry Johnson)
  67. D.O.A. (Directors: Annabel Jankel + Rocky Morton)
  68. Daddy’s Boys (Director: Joseph Minion)
  69. Dancing In The Forest (Director: Mark Roper)
  70. Dangerous Liaisons (Director: Stephen Frears)
  71. Dangerous Love (Director: Marty Ollstein)
  72. Dead End City (Director: Peter Yuval)
  73. Dead Heat (Director: Mark Goldblatt)
  74. Dead Man Walking (Director: Gregory Dark)
  75. Dead Ringers (Director: David Cronenberg)
  76. Dead Of Night (Director: Deryn Warren)
  77. Deadly Addiction (Director: Jack Vacek)
  78. Deadly Dreams (Director: Kristine Peterson)
  79. Deadly Intruder (Director: John McCauley)
  80. Deadly Stranger (Director: Max Kleven)
  81. Death Chase (Director: David A. Prior)
  82. Death Street U.S.A. (Director: Nico Mastorakis)
  83. Death By Dialogue (Director: Thomas Dewier)
  84. Deathstalker + The Warriors From Hell (Director: Alfonso Corona)
  85. Decapolis II (Directors: Charles Cotayo + George Cotayo)
  86. Deep Space (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  87. Delta Force Commando (Director: Pierluigi Ciriaci)
  88. Demonwarp (Director: Emmett Alston)
  89. Destroyer (Director: Robert Kirk)
  90. Dial: Help (Director: Ruggero Deodato)
  91. Diamond Run (Director: Robert Chappell)
  92. Die Hard (Director: John McTiernan)
  93. Die Jungfrauen Maschine (Director: Monika Treut)
  94. Distant Thunder (Director: Rick Rosenthal)
  95. Doctor Hackenstein (Director: Richard Clark)
  96. Domino (Director: Ivana Massetti)
  97. Double Revenge (Director: Armand Mastroianni)
  98. Dracula’s Widow (Director: Christopher Coppola)
  99. Dream Demon (Director: Harley Cokeliss)
  100. Drowning By Numbers (Director: Peter Greenaway)
  101. Dune Surfer (Director: Heinrich Dahms)
  102. Emmanuelle VI (Director: Bruno Zincone + Jean Rollin)
  103. Everybody’s All-American (Director: Taylor Hackford)
  104. Evil Altar (Director: James Winburn)
  105. Fair Game (Director: Mario Orfini)
  106. Fast Gun (Director: Cirio H. Santiago)
  107. Fatal Temptation (Director: Beppe Cino)
  108. Fear (Director: Robert A. Ferretti)
  109. Fever (Director: Craig Lahiff)
  110. FleshEater (Director: S. William Hinzman)
  111. Flex (Directors: Harry Grant, Pat Dominico + Sally Marschall)
  112. For Queen (Director: Martin Stellman)
  113. Frankenstein General Hospital (Director: Deborah Romare)
  114. Frantic (Director: Roman Polanski)
  115. Freeway (Director: Francis Delia)
  116. Friday The 13th, Part VII: The New Blood (Director: John Carl Buechler)
  117. Fright Night, Part II (Director: Tommy Lee Wallace)
  118. From Hollywood To Deadwood (Director: Rex Pickett)
  119. Full Moon In Blue Water (Director: Peter Masterson)
  120. Gatorbait II: Cajun Justice (Directors: Beverly Sebastian + Ferd Sebastian)
  121. Ghost Town (Directors: Richard McCarthy + Mac Ahlberg)
  122. Ghoulies II (Director: Albert Band)
  123. Glitch! (Director: Nico Mastorakis)
  124. Grandmother’s House (Director: Peter Rader)
  125. Grievous Bodily Harm (Director: Mark Joffé)
  126. Grotesque (Director: Joe Tornatore)
  127. Halloween IV: The Return Of Michael Meyers (Director: Dwight H. Little)
  128. Hanussen (Director: István Szabó)
  129. Haunted Summer (Director: Ivan Passer)
  130. Hawks (Director: Robert Ellis Miller)
  131. Headhunter (Director: Francis Schaeffer)
  132. Heart Of Midnight (Director: Matthew Chapman)
  133. Heathers (Director: Michael Lehmann)
  134. Hell Comes To Frogtown (Directors: Donald G. Jackson + R.J. Kizer)
  135. Hell On The Battleground (Director: David A. Prior)
  136. Hellbound: Hellraiser II (Director: Tony Randel)
  137. Hero + The Terror (Director: William Tannen)
  138. Hide + Go Shriek (Director: Skip Schoolnik)
  139. Higher Education (Director: John Sheppard)
  140. Hobgoblins (Director: Rick Sloane)
  141. Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  142. Hollywood’s New Blood (Director: James Shyman)
  143. Homeboy (Director: Michael Sersin)
  144. Hostile Takeover (Director: George Mihalka)
  145. I’m Gonna Git You Sucka (Director: Keenan Ivory Wayans)
  146. Il bosco 1 (Director: Andreas Marfori)
  147. In Dangerous Company (Director: Ruben Preuss)
  148. In A Shallow Grave (Director: Kenneth Bowser)
  149. Incident At Raven’s Gate (Director: Rolf de Heer)
  150. Intimacy (Director: Beppe Dino)
  151. Jack’s Back (Director: Rowdy Herrington)
  152. Jailbird Rock (Director: Phillip Schuman)
  153. Jakarta (Director: Charles Kaufman)
  154. Johnny Be Good (Director: Bud S. Smith)
  155. Just A Damned Soldier (Director: Ferdinando Baldi)
  156. Kansas (Director: David Stevens)
  157. Knee Dancing (Director: Doreen Ross)
  158. La lectrice (Director: Michel Deville)
  159. Last Rites (Director: Donald P. Bellisario)
  160. Le petit amour (Director: Agnès Varda)
  161. Lethal Pursuit (Director: Don Jones)
  162. Lethal Woman (Director: Chris Marnham + Christian Marnham)
  163. Lurkers (Director: Roberta Findlay)
  164. Malarek (Director: Roger Cardinal)
  165. Maniac Cop (Director: William Lustig)
  166. Manifesto (Director: Dusan Makavejev)
  167. Married To The Mob (Director: Jonathan Demme)
  168. Masquerade (Director: Bob Swaim)
  169. Me + Him (Director: Doris Dörrie)
  170. Mercenary Fighters (Director: Riki Shelach Nissimoff)
  171. Messenger Of Death (Director: J. Lee Thompson)
  172. Midnight Crossing (Director: Roger Holzberg)
  173. Midnight Run (Director: Martin Brest)
  174. Miles From Home (Director: Gary Sinise)
  175. Miracle Mile (Director: Steve De Jarnatt)
  176. Mississippi Burning (Director: Alan Parker)
  177. Monkey Shines (Director: George A. Romero)
  178. Mortuary Academy (Director: Michael Schroeder)
  179. Moving (Director: Alan Metter)
  180. Mr. North (Director: Danny Huston)
  181. Murder On (Director: Graeme Campbell)
  182. Mystic Pizza (Director: Donald Petrie)
  183. Necromancer (Director: Dusty Nelson)
  184. Night Friend (Director: Peter Gerretsen)
  185. Night Wars (Director: David A. Prior)
  186. Night Of The Demons (Director: Kevin S. Tenney)
  187. Nightmare Sisters (Director: David DeCoteau)
  188. Nightslave (Director: John H. Parr)
  189. Ninja Vengeance (Director: Karl Armstrong)
  190. Not Another Mistake (Director: Anthony Maharaj)
  191. Not Of This Earth (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  192. Off Limits (Director: Christopher Crowe)
  193. On The Run (Director: Alfred Cheung)
  194. Operation: Warzone (Director: David A. Prior)
  195. Out Of The Dark (Director: Michael Schroeder)
  196. Outlaw Force (Director: David Heavener)
  197. Party Line (Director: William Webb)
  198. Pass The Ammo (Director: David Beaird)
  199. Pathos - Segreta inquietudine (Director: Piccio Raffanini)
  200. Patti Rocks (Director: David Burton Morris)
  201. Patty Hearst (Director: Paul Schrader)
  202. Perfect Victims (Director: Shuki Levy)
  203. Phantasm (Director: Don Coscarelli)
  204. Phantom Of Death (Director: Ruggero Deodato)
  205. Phantom Of The Ritz (Director: Allen Plone)
  206. Picasso Trigger (Director: Andy Sidaris)
  207. Pin: A Plastic Nightmare (Director: Sandor Stern)
  208. Platoon Leader (Director: Aaron Norris)
  209. Priceless Beauty (Director: Charles Finch)
  210. Primal Rage (Director: Vittorio Rambaldi)
  211. Prime Evil (Director: Roberta Findlay)
  212. Private Affairs (Director: Francesco Massaro)
  213. Private War (Director: Frank De Palma)
  214. Pumpkinhead (Director: Stan Winston)
  215. Punchline (Director: David Seltzer)
  216. Rabid Grannies (Director: Emmanuel Kervyn)
  217. Rain Man (Director: Barry Levinson)
  218. Rambo III (Director: Peter MacDonald)
  219. Rebels (Director: Henry Rappaz)
  220. Red Heat (Director: Walter Hill)
  221. Red Scorpion (Director: Joseph Zito)
  222. Rejuvenatrix (Director: Brian Thomas Jones)
  223. Remote Control (Director: Jeff Lieberman)
  224. Rented Lips (Director: Robert Downey, Sr.)
  225. Return Fire (Director: Neil Callaghan)
  226. Return Of The Living Dead, Part II (Director Ken Wiederhorn)
  227. Ricky I (Director: William T. Naud)
  228. Rikky + Pete (Director: Nadia Tass)
  229. Rowing With The Wind (Director: Gonzalo Suárez)
  230. Salome's Last Dance (Director: Ken Russell)
  231. Scarecrows (Director: William Wesley)
  232. School Daze (Director: Spike Lee)
  233. Screwball Hotel (Director: Rafal Zielinski)
  234. Search + Destroy (Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen)
  235. Seven Hours To Judgment (Director: Beau Bridges)
  236. Sexpot (Director: Chuck Vincent)
  237. Shadows In The Storm (Director: Terrell Tannen)
  238. Shakedown (Director: James Glickenhaus)
  239. Shame (Director: Steve Jodrell)
  240. Shoot To Kill (Director: Roger Spottiswoode)
  241. Side Roads (Director: Bill Bordy)
  242. Skeleton Coast (Director: John ‘Bud’ Cardos)
  243. Slaughterhouse Rock (Director: Dimitri Logothetis)
  244. Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (Director: Michael A. Simpson)
  245. Slipping Into Darkness (Director: Eleanor Gaver)
  246. Slugs (Director: Juan Piquer Simón)
  247. Some Girls (Director: Michael Hoffman)
  248. Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama) (Director: David DeCoteau)
  249. South Of Reno (Director: Mark Rezyka)
  250. Space Mutiny (Directors: David Winters + Neal Sundstrom)
  251. Spellbinder (Director: Janet Greek)
  252. Spellcaster (Director: Rafal Zielinski)
  253. Spike Of Bensonhurst (Director: Paul Morrissey)
  254. Split Decisions (Director: David Drury)
  255. Stars + Bars (Director: Pat O’Connor)
  256. State Park (Directors: Kerry Feltha + Rafal Zielinski)
  257. Stealing Heaven (Director: Clive Donner)
  258. Stones Of Death (Director: James Bogle)
  259. Stormy Monday (Director: Mike Figgis)
  260. Summer Seductions (Director: Jonathan Liebert)
  261. Summertime Blues: Lemon Popsicle VIII (Director: Reinhard Schwabenitzky)
  262. Sunset (Director: Blake Edwards)
  263. Survival Quest (Director: Don Coscarelli)
  264. Sweet Hearts Dance (Director: Robert Greenwald)
  265. Taffin (Director: Francis Megahy)
  266. Talk Radio (Director: Oliver Stone)
  267. Tapeheads (Director: Bill Fishman)
  268. Tequila Sunrise (Director: Robert Towne)
  269. The 13th Floor (Director: Chris Roache)
  270. The Accused (Director: Jonathan Kaplan)
  271. The Arrogant (Director: Philippe Blot)
  272. The Beast (Of War) (Director: Kevin Reynolds)
  273. The Beat (Director: Paul Mones)
  274. The Big Blue (Director: Luc Besson)
  275. The Blob (Director: Chuck Russell)
  276. The Blue Iguana (Director: John Lafia)
  277. The Boost (Director: Harold Becker)
  278. The Boy From Hell (Director: Deryn Warren)
  279. The Brain (Director: Ed Hunt)
  280. The Carrier (Director: Nathan J. White)
  281. The Chair (Director: Waldemar Korzeniowsky)
  282. The Chocolate War (Director: Keith Gordon)
  283. The Couch Trip (Director: Michael Ritchie)
  284. The Courier (Directors: Frank Deasy + Joe Lee)
  285. The Dark Side Of The Sun (Director: Bozidar ‘Bota’ Nikolic)
  286. The Dead Pool (Director: Buddy Van Horn)
  287. The Drifter (Director: Larry Brand)
  288. The Emissary (Director: Jan Scholtz)
  289. The Expendables (Director: Cirio H. Santiago)
  290. The Fruit Machine (Director: Philip Saville)
  291. The Further Adventures Of Tennessee Buck (Director: David Keith)
  292. The Gamble (Director: Carlo Vanzina)
  293. The Girl In A Swing (Director: Gordon Hessler)
  294. The Girlfriend (Director: Jeanine Meerapfel)
  295. The Good Mother (Director: Leonard Nimoy)
  296. The Kiss (Director: Pen Densham)
  297. The Lair Of The White Worm (Director: Ken Russell)
  298. The Laser Man (Director: Peter Wang)
  299. The Last Samurai (Directors: P. Manneberg + Paul Mayersberg)
  300. The Last Temptation Of Christ (Director: Martin Scorsese)
  301. The Lawless Land (Director: Jon Hess)
  302. The Legend Of Wolf Lodge (Director: Graeme Campbell)
  303. The Little Thief (Director: Claude Miller)
  304. The Milagro Beanfield War (Director: Robert Redford)
  305. The Moderns (Director: Alan Rudolph)
  306. The Nest (Director: Terence H. Winkless)
  307. The Opponent (Director: Sergio Martino)
  308. The Presidio (Director: Peter Hyams)
  309. The Prince Of Pennsylvania (Director: Ron Nyswaner)
  310. The Raggedy Rawney (Director: Bob Hoskins)
  311. The Serpent + The Rainbow (Director: Wes Craven)
  312. The Seventh Sign (Director: Carl Schultz)
  313. The Sisterhood (Director: Cirio H. Santiago)
  314. The South (Director: Fernando E. Solanas)
  315. The Stay Awake (Director: John Bernard)
  316. The Suicide Club (Director: James Bruce)
  317. The Telephone (Director: Rip Torn)
  318. The Third Solution (Director: Pasquale Squitieri)
  319. The Tunnel (Director: Antonio Drove)
  320. The Unbearable Lightness Of Being (Director: Philip Kaufman)
  321. The Undertaker (Director: Franco Steffanino)
  322. The Unholy (Director: Camilo Vila)
  323. The Unnamable (Director: Jean-Paul Ouellette)
  324. The Visitors (Director: Jack Ersgard)
  325. The Sash (Director: Michael Toshiyuki Uno)
  326. They Live (Director: John Carpenter)
  327. Thrilled To Death (Director: Chuck Vincent)
  328. Tiger Warsaw (Director: Amin Q. Chaudhri)
  329. Time Of Violence (Director: Ludmil Staikov)
  330. Time Of THe Gypsies (Director: Emir Kusturica)
  331. To Die For (Director: Deran Sarafian)
  332. To Kill A Priest (Director: Agnieszka Holland)
  333. Tokyo Pop (Director: Fran Rubel Kuzui)
  334. Top Model (Eleven Days, Eleven Nights, Part 2) (Director: Joe D’Amato)
  335. Torch Song Trilogy (Director: Paul Bogart)
  336. Tougher Than Leather (Director: Rick Rubin)
  337. Track 29 (Director: Nicolas Roeg)
  338. Transformations (Director: Jay Kamen)
  339. Traxx (Director: Jerome Gary)
  340. Tropical Snow (Director: Ciro Durán)
  341. Two Moon Junction (Director: Zalman King)
  342. Two To Tango (Director: Héctor Olivera)
  343. Under The Boardwalk (Director: Fritz Kiersch)
  344. Vampire At Midnight (Director: Gregory McClatchy)
  345. Vampire’s Kiss (Director: Robert Bierman)
  346. Viper (Director: Peter Maris)
  347. War Party (Director: Franc Roddam)
  348. Warlords (Diector: Fred Olen Ray)
  349. Warm Nights On A Slow Moving Train (Director: Bob Ellis)
  350. Watchers (Director: Jon Hess)
  351. Waxwork (Director: Anthony Hickox)
  352. White Ghost (Director: BJ Davis)
  353. Whoops Apocalypse (Director: Tom Bussmann)
  354. Witchery (Director: Fabrizio Laurenti)
  355. Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown (Director: Pedro Almodóvar)
  356. Working Girl (Director: Mike Nichols)
  357. You Can’t Hurry Love (Director: Richard Martini)
  358. Young Guns (Director: Christopher Cain)
  359. Zombi III (Directors: Lucio Fulci, Claudio Fragasso + Bruno Mattei)
  1. The Shadowed Mind (Director: Cedric Sundstrom)
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2017.05.26 06:28 tombstoneshadows28 All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 1987 (out of the 3,368 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. A Time To Remember (Director: Thomas Travers)
  2. Babette’s Feast (Director: Gabriel Axel)
  3. Beauty + The Beast (Director: Eugene Marner)
  4. Benji The Hunted (Director: Joe Camp)
  5. Little Dorritt (Director: Christine Edzard)
  6. Pinocchio + The Emperor Of The Night (Director: Hal Sutherland)
  7. Rumpelstiltskin (Director: David Irving)
  8. Sleeping Beauty (Director: David Irving)
  9. The Care Bears Adventure In Wonderland) (Director: Raymond Jafelice)
  10. The Chipmunk Adventure (Director: Janice Karman)
  11. The Emperor’s New Clothes (Director: David Irving)
  12. The Puppetoon Movie (Director: Arnold Leibovit)
  1. *batteries not included (Director: Matthew Robbins)
  2. 3 Men + A Baby (Director: Leonard Nimoy)
  3. 84 Charing Cross Road (Director: David Hugh Jones)
  4. A Month In The Country (Director: Pat O’Connor)
  5. Amazing Grace + Chuck (Director: Mike Newell)
  6. An African Dream (Director: John Malcombe)
  7. Au Revoir Les Enfants (Director: Louis Malle)
  8. Baby Boom (Director: Charles Shyer)
  9. Back To The Beach (Director: Lyndall Hobbs)
  10. Bagdad Café (Director: Percy Adlon)
  11. Boyfriends + Girlfriends (Director: Éric Rohmer)
  12. Campus Man (Director: Ron Casden)
  13. Captive Hearts (Director: Paul Almond)
  14. Champ d'honneur (Director: Jean-Pierre Denis)
  15. Crazy Moon (Director: Allan Eastman)
  16. Cry Freedom (Director: Richard Attenborough)
  17. Cry Wilderness (Director: Jay Schlossberg-Cohen)
  18. Crystalstone (Director: Antonio Peláez)
  19. Dancers (Director: Herbert Ross)
  20. Date With An Angel (Director: Tom McLoughlin)
  21. Disorderlies (Director: Michael Schultz)
  22. Empire Of The Sun (Director: Steven Spielberg)
  23. End Of The Line (Director: Jay Russell)
  24. Ernest Goes To Camp (Director: John R. Cherry III)
  25. From The Hip (Director: Bob Clark)
  26. Going Bananas (Director: Boaz Davidson)
  27. Gor (Director: Fritz Kiersch)
  28. Ha-Holmim (Director: Uri Barbash)
  29. Hadley’s Rebellion (Director: Fred Walton)
  30. Happy New Year (Director: John G. Avildsen)
  31. Harry + The Hendersons (Director: William Dear)
  32. Hello Again (Director: Frank Perry)
  33. Hotshot (Director: Rick King)
  34. Housekeeping (Director: Bill Forsyth)
  35. Hunk (Director: Lawrence Bassoff)
  36. InnnerSpace (Director: Joe Dante)
  37. Jane + The Lost City (Director: Terry Marcel)
  38. John + The Missus (Director: Gordon Pinsent)
  39. King Lear (Director: Jean-Luc Godard)
  40. Leader Of The Band (Director: Nessa Hyams)
  41. Leonard Part 6 (Director: Paul Weiland)
  42. Lionheart (Director: Franklin J. Schaffner)
  43. Made In Heaven (Director: Alan Rudolph)
  44. Made To Order (Director: Amy Holden Jones)
  45. Mannequin (Director: Michael Gottlieb)
  46. Masters Of The Universe (Director: Gary Goddard)
  47. Million Dollar Mystery (Director: Richard Fleischer)
  48. Mindkiller (Director: Michael Krueger)
  49. Milo In The Land Of Faraway (Director: Vladimir Grammatikov)
  50. Moonstruck (Director: Norman Jewison)
  51. Munchies (Director: Tina Hirsch)
  52. My Best Friend Is A Vampire (Director: Jimmy Huston)
  53. Nadine (Director: Robert Benton)
  54. Nice Girls Don’t Explode (Director: Chuck Martinez)
  55. North Shore (Director: William Phelps)
  56. Nukie (Directors: Sias Odendaal + Michael Pakleppa)
  57. Over The Top (Director: Menahem Golan)
  58. Overboard (Director: Garry Marshall)
  59. Ping Pong (Director: Po-Chih Leong)
  60. Plain Clothes (Director: Martha Coolidge)
  61. Police Academy IV: Citizens On Patrol (Director: Jim Drake)
  62. Project X (Director: Jonathan Kaplan)
  63. Rachel River (Director: Sandy Smolan)
  64. Radio Days (Director: Woody Allen)
  65. Roxanne (Director: Fred Schepisi)
  66. Russkies (Director: Rick Rosenthal)
  67. September (Director: Woody Allen)
  68. Silent But Deadly (Director: unknown)
  69. Snow White (Director: Michael Berz)
  70. Spaceballs (Director: Mel Brooks)
  71. Starlight Hotel (Director: Sam Pillsbury)
  72. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  73. Surrender (Director: Jerry Belson)
  74. Tango Bar (Director: Marcos Zurinaga)
  75. Teen Wolf Too (Director: Christopher Leitch)
  76. The Adventure Of The Action Hunters (Director: Lee Bonner)
  77. The Dead (Director: John Huston)
  78. The Family (Director: Ettore Scola)
  79. The Garbage Pail Kids (Director: Rod Amateau)
  80. The Glass Menagerie (Director: Paul Newman)
  81. The Lighthorsemen (Director: Simon Wincer)
  82. The Living Daylights (Director: John Glen)
  83. The Magic Snowman (Directors: Stanko Crnobrnja + C. Stanner)
  84. The Princess Bride (Director: Rob Reiner)
  85. The Tale Of Ruby Rose (Director: Roger Scholes)
  86. The Time Guardian (Director: Brian Hannant)
  87. The Virgin Queen Of St. Francis High (Director: Francesco Lucente)
  88. They Call Me Renegade (Director: Enzo Barboni)
  89. They Still Call Me Bruce (Directors: James Orr + Johnny Yune)
  90. Three For The Road (Director: Bill Norton)
  91. Too Much (Director: Éric Rochat)
  92. Walk Like A Man (Director: Melvin Frank)
  93. White Water Summer (Director: Jeff Bleckner)
  94. Who’s That Girl (Director: James Foley)
  1. Adventures In Babysitting (Director: Chris Columbus)
  2. Anna (Director: Yurek Bogayevicz)
  3. Assassination (Director: Peter R. Hunt)
  4. Bar-Cel-Ona (Director: Ferran Llagostera)
  5. Big Shots (Director: Robert Mandel)
  6. Blind Date (Director: Blake Edwards)
  7. Can’t Buy Me Love (Director: Steve Rash)
  8. Caught (Director: James F. Collier)
  9. Cherry 2000 (Director: Steve De Jarnatt)
  10. Control (Director: Giuliano Montaldo)
  11. Diary Of A Mad Old Man (Director: Lili Rademakers)
  12. Dirty Dancing (Director: Emile Ardolino)
  13. Dirty Laundry (Director: William Webb)
  14. Distortions (Director: Armand Mastroianni)
  15. Dragnet (Director: Tom Mankiewicz)
  16. Flowers in the Attic (Director: Jeffrey Bloom)
  17. Funland (Director: Michael A. Simpson)
  18. Ghost Chase (Director: Roland Emmerich)
  19. Good Morning Babilonia (Directors: Paolo Taviani + Vittorio Taviani)
  20. Ground Zero (Directors: Bruce Myles + Michael Pattinson)
  21. He’s My Girl (Director: Gabrielle Beaumont)
  22. Hiding Out (Director: Bob Giraldi)
  23. High Tide (Director: Gillian Armstrong)
  24. Home Is Where The Heart Is (Director: Rex Bromfield)
  25. Hope + Glory (Director: John Boorman)
  26. Hot Pursuit (Director: Steven Lisberger)
  27. House II: The Second Story (Director: Ethan Wiley)
  28. The Marsupials: The Howling III (Director: Philippe Mora)
  29. In The Mood (Director: Phil Alden Robinson)
  30. Iron Warrior (Director: Alfonso Brescia)
  31. Ishtar (Director: Elaine May)
  32. It Couldn’t Happen Here (Director: Jack Bond)
  33. Jaws: The Revenge (Director: Joseph Sargent)
  34. Kenny (Director: Claude Gagnon)
  35. La Bamba (Director: Luis Valdez)
  36. Light Of Day (Director: Paul Schrader)
  37. Like Father, Like Son (Director: Rod Daniel)
  38. Making Mr. Right (Director: Susan Seidelman)
  39. Man Outside (Director: Mark Stouffer)
  40. Matewan (Director: John Sayles)
  41. Mesh (Director: Andrew J. Smith)
  42. Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home (Directors: Paul Aaron + Terry Winsor)
  43. My Demon Lover (Director: Charlie Loventhal)
  44. P.K. + The Kid (Director: Lou Lombardo)
  45. Pelle The Conqueror (Director: Bille August)
  46. Project A II (Director: Jackie Chan)
  47. Raising Arizona (Director: Joel Coen)
  48. Real Men (Director: Dennis Feldman)
  49. Regeneration (Director: Russell Stephens)
  50. Revenge Of The Nerds II: Nerds In Paradise (Director Joe Roth)
  51. Scavengers (Director: Dee McLachlan)
  52. Some Kind Of Wonderful (Director: Howard Deutch)
  53. Square Dance (Director: Daniel Petrie)
  54. Storm (Director: David Winning)
  55. Stranded (Director: Fleming B. Fuller)
  56. Summer Camp Nightmare (Director: Bert L. Dragin)
  57. Summer School (Director: Carl Reiner)
  58. Sweet Lorraine (Director: Steve Gomer)
  59. The All-Niter (Director: Tamar Simon Hoffs)
  60. The Gate (Director: Tibor Takács)
  61. The Kitchen Toto (Director: Harry Hook)
  62. The Last Emperor (Director: Bernardo Bertolucci)
  63. The Monster Squad (Director: Fred Dekker)
  64. The Pick-Up Artist (Director: James Toback)
  65. The Pink Chiquitas (Director: Tony Currie)
  66. The Secret Of My Success (Director: Herbert Ross)
  67. The Squeeze (Director: Roger Young)
  68. The Trouble With Spies (Director: Burt Kennedy)
  69. The Year My Voice Broke (Director: John Duigan)
  70. Three O’Clock High (Director: Phil Joanou)
  71. Throw Momma From The Train (Director: Danny DeVito)
  72. Thunder II (Director: Fabrizio De Angelis)
  73. Travelling North (Director: Carl Schultz)
  74. Wild Thing (Director: Max Reid)
  75. Wings Of Desire (Director: Wim Wenders)
  76. Winners Take All (Director: Fritz Kiersch)
  1. A Man In Love (Director: Diane Kurys)
  2. A Nightmare On Elm Street, Part III: Dream Warriors (Director: Chuck Russell)
  3. A Prayer For Te Dying (Director: Mike Hodges)
  4. A Return To ‘Salem’s Lot (Director: Larry Cohen)
  5. A Tiger’s Tale (Director: Peter Douglas)
  6. Amazon Women On The Moon (Director: Joe Dante, Carl Gottlieb, Peter Horton, John Landis + Robert K. Weiss
  7. American Ninja II: The Confrontation (Director: Sam Firstenberg)
  8. And Then You Die (Director: Francis Mankiewicz)
  9. Angel Heart (Director: Alan Parker)
  10. Angel Of Vengeance (Directors: Ted V. Mikels + Ray Dennis Steckler)
  11. Anguish (Director: Bigas Luna)
  12. Aria (Directors: Robert Altman, Bruce Beresford, Bill Bryden, Jean-Luc Godard, Derek Jarman, Franc Roddam, Nicolas Roeg, Ken Russell, Charles Sturridge + Julien Temple)
  13. Backwoods (Director: Dean Crow)
  14. Barfly (Director: Barbet Schroeder)
  15. Beatrice (Director: Bertrand Tavernier)
  16. Behind Enemy Lines (Director: Cirio H. Santiago)
  17. Bellman + True (Director: Richard Loncraine)
  18. Berserker (Director: Jefferson Richard)
  19. Best Seller (Director: John Flynn)
  20. Beverly Hills Cop II (Director: Tony Scott)
  21. Beyond Therapy (Director: Robert Altman)
  22. Beyond The Rising Moon (Director: Philip J. Cook)
  23. Big Bad Mama II (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  24. Black Widow (Director: Bob Rafelson)
  25. Blindside (Director: Paul Lynch)
  26. Blood Sisters (Director: Roberta Findlay)
  27. Bloody New Year (Director: Norman J. Warren)
  28. Blue Monkey (Director: William Fruet)
  29. Blue Tango (Director: Alberto Bevilacqua)
  30. Border Radio (Directors: Allison Anders, Dean Lent + Kurt Voss)
  31. Born In East L.A. (Director: Cheech Marin)
  32. Born Of Fire: Jamil Dehlavi)
  33. Broadcast News (Director: James L. Brooks)
  34. Brothers In Blood (Director: Tonino Valerii)
  35. Burglar (Director: Hugh Wilson)
  36. Candy Mountain (Directors: Robert Frank + Rudy Wurlitzer)
  37. Caribe (Director: Michael Kennedy)
  38. Catch The Heat (Director: Joel Silberg)
  39. China Girl (Director: Abel Ferrara)
  40. City Of Blood (Director: Darrell Roodt)
  41. City Of Shadows (Director: David Mitchell)
  42. City On Fire (Director: Ringo Lam)
  43. Code Name: Vengeance (Director: David Winters)
  44. Cold Steel (Director: Dorothy Ann Puzo)
  45. Commando Mengele (Director: Andrea Bianchi)
  46. Commando Squad (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  47. Concrete Angels (Director: Carlo Liconti)
  48. Creepozoids (Director: David DeCoteau)
  49. Creepshow II (Director: Michael Gornick)
  50. Critical Condition (Director: Michael Apted)
  51. Cross My Heart (Director: Armyan Bernstein)
  52. Cyclone (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  53. Dangerous Game (Directors: Stephen Hopkins + David Lewis)
  54. Dead Aim (Director: William Vanderkloot)
  55. Dead Of Winter (Director: Arthur Penn)
  56. Deadly Illusion (Directors: Larry Cohen + William Tannen)
  57. Deadly Prey (Director: David A. Prior)
  58. Death Before Dishonor (Director: Terry Leonard)
  59. Death Blow: A Cry For Justice (Director: Raphael Nussbaum)
  60. Death Wish IV: The Crackdown (Director: J. Lee Thompson)
  61. Deathrow Gameshow (Director: Mark Pirro)
  62. Deathstalker II (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  63. Demon Of Paradise (Director: Cirio H. Santiago)
  64. Deranged (Director: Chuck Vincent)
  65. Dog Tags (Director: Romano Scavolini)
  66. Dolls (Director: Stuart Gordon)
  67. Don’t Turn Out The Light (Director: Robert Bergman)
  68. Doom Asylum (Director Richard Friedman)
  69. Down Twisted (Director: Albert Pyun)
  70. Dragonard (Director: Gérard Kikoïne)
  71. Dudes (Director: Penelope Spheeris)
  72. Dutch Treat (Director: Boaz Davidson)
  73. Dynamite Fighters (Director: David Chung)
  74. Eastern Condors (Director: Sammo Kam-Bo Hung)
  75. Eat + Run (Director: Christopher Hart)
  76. Eat The Rich (Director: Peter Richardson)
  77. Echoes Of Paradise (Director: Phillip Noyce)
  78. El año del Conejo (Director: Fernando Ayala)
  79. Emmanuelle V (Director: Walerian Borowczyk)
  80. Empire State (Director: Ron Beck)
  81. Enemy Territory (Director: Peter Manoogian)
  82. Equalizer 2000 (Director: Cirio H. Santiago)
  83. Extreme Prejudice (Director: Walter Hill)
  84. Eye Of The Eagle (Director: Cirio H. Santiago)
  85. Fatal Attraction (Director: Adrian Lyne)
  86. Fatal Beauty (Director: Tom Holland)
  87. Firehouse (Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen)
  88. Five Corner (Director: Tony Bill)
  89. Flicks (Directors: Peter Winograd + Kirk Henderson)
  90. Forever, Lulu (Director: Amos Kollek)
  91. Frenchman’s Farm (Director: Ron Way)
  92. From A Whisper To A Scream (Director: Jeff Burr)
  93. Full Metal Jacket (Director: Stanley Kubrick)
  94. Gaby: A True Story (Director: Luis Mandoki)
  95. Galactic Gigolo (Director: Gorman Bechard)
  96. Gardens Of Stone (Director: Francis Ford Coppola)
  97. Ghost Riders (Director: Alan Stewart)
  98. Good Morning, Vietnam (Director: Barry Levinson)
  99. Graveyard Shift (Director: Jerry Ciccoritti)
  100. Hamburger Hill (Director: John Irvin)
  101. Hangmen (Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen)
  102. Hard Ticket To Hawaii (Director: Andy Sidaris)
  103. Hawken’s Breed (Director: Charles B. Pierce)
  104. Heart (Director: James Lemmo)
  105. Hearts Of Fire (Director: Richard Marquand)
  106. Heat + Sunlight (Director: Rob Nilsson)
  107. Hell High (Director: Douglas Grossman)
  108. Hellraiser (Director: Clive Barker)
  109. High Season (Director: Clare People)
  110. Hollywood Shuffle (Director: Robert Townsend)
  111. Hostage (Directors: Hanro Möhr + Percival Rubens)
  112. Hotel Colonial (Director: Cinzia Th. Torrini)
  113. Hour Of The Assassin (Director: Luis Llosa)
  114. House Of Games (Director: David Mamet)
  115. I Don’t Give A Damn (Director: Shmuel Imberman)
  116. I Love N.Y. (Director: unknown)
  117. I miei primi 40 anni (Director: Carlo Vanzina)
  118. I’ve Heard The Mermaids Singing (Director: Patricia Rozema)
  119. Interzone (Director: Deran Sarafian)
  120. Ironweed (Director: Hector Babenco)
  121. It’s Alive III: Island Of The Alive (Director: Larry Cohen)
  122. Julia + Julia (Director: Peter Del Monte)
  123. Kandyland (Director Robert Allen Schnitzer)
  124. Kangaroo (Director: Tim Burstall)
  125. Kick Or Die (Director: Charles Norton)
  126. Kidnapped (Director: Howard Avedis)
  127. Killer Workout (Director: David A. Prior)
  128. Kiss Daddy Goodnight (Director: Peter Ily Huemer)
  129. Lady Beware (Director: Karen Arthur)
  130. Last Man Standing (Director: Damian Lee)
  131. Less Than Zero (Director: Marek Kanievska)
  132. Lethal Weapon (Director: Richard Donner)
  133. Living On Tokyo Time (Director: Steven Okazaki)
  134. Love At Stake (Director: John Moffitt)
  135. Loyalties (Director: Anne Wheeler)
  136. Lust For Freedom (Director: Eric Louzil)
  137. Made In U.S.A (Director: Ken Friedman)
  138. Malone (Director: Harley Cokeliss)
  139. Man On Fire (Director: Élie Chouraqui)
  140. Mankillers (Director: David A. Prior)
  141. Mascara (Director: Patrick Conrad)
  142. Master Of Dragonard Hill (Director: Gérard Kikoïne)
  143. Masterblaster (Director: Glenn R. Wilder)
  144. Maurice (Director: James Ivory)
  145. Near Dark (Director: Kathryn Bigelow)
  146. Nightflyers (Director: Robert Collector)
  147. Ninja Phantom Heroes (Director: Godfrey Ho)
  148. No Man’s Land (Director: Peter Werner)
  149. No Retreat, No Surrender II (Director: Corey Yuen)
  150. No Safe Haven (Director: Ronnie Rondell, Jr.)
  151. No Way Out (Director: Roger Donaldson)
  152. Nowhere To Hide (Director: Mario Azzopardi)
  153. Number One With A Bullet (Director: Jack Smith)
  154. Nuts (Director: Martin Ritt)
  155. Off The Mark (Director: Bill Berry)
  156. Open House (Director: Jag Mundhra)
  157. Opera (Director: Dario Argento)
  158. Orphans (Director: Alan J. Pakula)
  159. Outrageous Fortune (Director: Arthur Hiller)
  160. Overkill (Director: Ulli Lommel)
  161. P.I. Private Investigations (Director: Nigel Dick)
  162. Party Camp (Director: Gary Graver)
  163. Party Favors (Director: Ed Hansen)
  164. Penitentiary III (Director: Jamaa Fanaka)
  165. Personal Services (Director: Terry Jones)
  166. Peter Kenna’s “The Good Wife”(Director: Ken Cameron)
  167. Planes, Trains + Automobiles (Director: John Hughes)
  168. Predator (Director: John McTiernan)
  169. Pretty Smart (Director: Dimitri Logothetis)
  170. Prick Up Your Ears (Director: Stephen Frears)
  171. Prince Of Darkness (Director: John Carpenter)
  172. Prison (Director: Renny Harlin)
  173. Prison On Fire (Director: Ringo Lam)
  174. Programmed To Kill (Directors: Allan Holzman + Robert Short)
  175. Prom Night II: Hello Mary Lou (Director: Bruce Pittman)
  176. Promised Land (Director: Michael Hoffman)
  177. Rage Of Honor (Director: Gordon Hessler)
  178. Rage To Kill (Director: David Winters)
  179. Rampage (Director: William Friedkin)
  180. Rebel High (Director: Harry Jakobs)
  181. Rent-A-Cop (Director: Jerry London)
  182. Rest In Pieces (Director: : José Ramón Larraz)
  183. Retribution (Director: Guy Magar)
  184. Return To Horror High (Director: Bill Froehlich)
  185. Rich + Famous (Director: Taylor Wong)
  186. Rita, Sue + Bob Too! (Director: Alan Clarke)
  187. RoboCop (Director: Paul Verhoeven)
  188. Rock + Roll Nightmare (Director: John Fasano)
  189. Rolling Vengeance (Director: Steven Hilliard Stern)
  190. Running Out Of Luck (Director: Julien Temple)
  191. Salvation!: Have You Said Your Prayers Today? (Director: Beth B)
  192. Saturday Night At The Palace (Director: Robert Davies)
  193. Scared Stiff (Director: Richard Friedman)
  194. Scenes From The Goldmine (Director: Marc Rocco)
  195. Senior Week (Director: Stuart A. Goldman)
  196. Sensations (Director: Chuck Vincent)
  197. Shy People (Director: Andrey Konchalovsky)
  198. Siesta (Director: Mary Lambert)
  199. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part II (Director: Lee Harry)
  200. Sister, Sister (Director: Bill Condon)
  201. Skin (Director Guido Henderickx)
  202. Slam Dance (Director: Wayne Wang)
  203. Slammer Girls (Director: Chuck Vincent)
  204. Slate, Wyn + Me (Director: Don McLennan)
  205. Slaughterhouse (Director: Rick Roessler)
  206. Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity (Director: Ken Dixon)
  207. Slumber Party Massacre II (Director: Deborah Brock)
  208. Someone To Love (Director: Henry Jaglom)
  209. Someone To Watch Over Me (Director: Ridley Scott)
  210. Stakeout (Director: John Badham)
  211. Steel Dawn (Director: Lance Hool)
  212. Steele Justice (Director: Robert Boris)
  213. Street Justice (Director: Richard C. Sarafian)
  214. Street Smart (Director: Jerry Schatzberg)
  215. Strike Commando (Director: Bruno Mattei)
  216. Stripped To Kill (Director: Katt Shea)
  217. Student Affairs (Director: Chuck Vincent)
  218. Student Confidential (Director: Richard Horian)
  219. Summer Heat (Director: Michie Gleason)
  220. Surf Nazis Must Die (Director: Peter George)
  221. Survival Game (Director: Herb Freed)
  222. Suspect (Director: Peter Yates)
  223. Sweet Country (Director: Mihalis Kakogianns)
  224. Sweet Lies (Director: Nathalie Delon)
  225. Sweet Revenge (Director: Mark Sobel)
  226. Swimming To Cambodia (Director: Jonathan Demme)
  227. Talking Walls (Director: Stephen Verona)
  228. Terminal Entry (Director: John Kincade)
  229. Terminal Exposure (Director: Nico Mastorakis)
  230. The All-American Hollywood Hussy Contest (Director: Mark Wolfson)
  231. The Barbarians (Director: Ruggero Deodato)
  232. The Bedroom Window (Director: Curtis Hanson)
  233. The Believers (Director: John Schlesinger)
  234. The Belly Of An Architect (Director: Peter Greenaway)
  235. The Big Town (Directors: Ben Bolt + Harold Becker)
  236. The Curse (Director: David Keith)
  237. The Danger Zone (Director: Henry Vernon)
  238. The Dark Side (Director: Constantino Magnatta)
  239. The Delos Adventure (Director: Joseph Purcell)
  240. The Edge Of Power (Director: Henri Safran)
  241. The Fourth Protocol (Director: John Mackenzie)
  242. The Girl (Director: Arne Mattson)
  243. The Grand Highway (Director: Jean-Loup Hubert)
  244. The Hanoi Hilton (Director: Lionel Chetwynd)
  245. The Hidden (Director: Jack Sholder)
  246. The Killing Time (Director: Rick King)
  247. The Kindred (Directors Stephen Carpenter + Jeffrey Obrow)
  248. The Lonely Passion Of Judith Hearne (Director: Jack Clayton)
  249. The Lost Boys (Director: Joel Schumacher)
  250. The Majorettes (Director: S. William Hinzman)
  251. The Misfit Brigade (Director: Gordon Hessler)
  252. The Order Of The Black Eagle (Director: Worth Keeter)
  253. The Outing (Director: Tom Daley)
  254. The Princess Academy (Director: Bruce A. Block)
  255. The Principal (Director: Christopher Cain)
  256. The Right Hand Man (Director: Di Drew)
  257. The Rosary Murders (Director: Fred Walton)
  258. The Running Man (Director: Paul Michael Glaser)
  259. The Shaman (Director: Michael Yakub)
  260. The Sicilian (Director: Michael Cimino)
  261. The Stepfather (Director: Joseph Ruben)
  262. The Stranger (Director: Adolfo Aristarain)
  263. The Survivalist (Director: Sig Shore)
  264. The Under Achievers (Director: Jackie Kong)
  265. The Untouchables (Director: Brian De Palma)
  266. The Verne Miller Story (Director: Rod Hewitt)
  267. The Wild Pair (Director: Beau Bridges)
  268. The Witches Of Eastwick (Director: George Miller)
  269. The Women’s Club (Director: Sandra Weintraub)
  270. Three Kinds Of Heat (Director: Leslie Stevens)
  271. Tigershark (Director: Emmett Alston)
  272. Tin Men (Director: Barry Levinson)
  273. Tomorrow’s A Killer (Director: George Kaczender)
  274. Too Outrageous (Director: Richard Benner)
  275. Tough Guys Don’t Dance (Director: Norman Mailer)
  276. Treasure Of The Moon Goddess (Director: José Luis García Agraz)
  277. Turnaround (Director: Ola Solum)
  278. Twisted Nightmare (Director: Paul Hunt)
  279. Um Trem para as Estrelas (Directors: Carlos Diegues + Tereza Gonzalez
  280. Under Cover (Director: John Stockwell)
  281. Under The Earth (Director: Beda Docampo Feijóo)
  282. Valet Girls (Director: Rafal Zielinski)
  283. Walker (Director: Alex Cox)
  284. Wall Street (Director: Oliver Stone)
  285. Wanted: Dead Or Alive (Director: Gary Sherman)
  286. Warlords From Hell (Director: Clark Henderson)
  287. Warrior Queen (Director: Chuck Vincent)
  288. Weeds (Director: John D. Hancock)
  289. White Mischief (Director: Michael Radford)
  290. White Of The Eye (Director: Donald Cammell)
  291. Wisdom (Director: Emilio Estevez)
  292. Wish You Were Here (Director: David Leland)
  293. Withnail + I (Director: Bruce Robinson)
  294. Witness In The War Zone (Director: Nathaniel Gutman)
  295. World Gone Wild (Director: Lee H. Katzin)
  296. You Talkin’ To Me? (Director: Charles Winkler)
  297. Young Love: Lemon Popsicle VII (Director: Walter Bannert)
  298. Zombie High (Director: Ron Link)
  299. Zombie Nightmare (Director: Jack Bravman)
  1. Bizarre (Director: Giuliana Gamba)
  2. Law Of Desire (Director: Pedro Almodóvar)
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2017.05.26 00:58 mamashaq Article in The Atlantic: "The (Sometimes Unintentional) Subtext of Digital Conversations" by Deborah Tannen, linguistics prof at Georgetown

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2017.03.19 05:47 fiplefip Nine books, including 4 self-help & a complete Shakespeare (East Village)

Occasions to Savor (cookbook) - Delta Sigma Theta Sorority I Only Say This Because I Love You - Deborah Tannen The Four Hour Work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich - Timothy Ferriss Codependent No More - Melody Beattie Living [...]
from Craigslist
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2017.03.19 05:46 fiplefip Nine books, including 4 self-help & a complete Shakespeare (East Village)

Occasions to Savor (cookbook) - Delta Sigma Theta Sorority I Only Say This Because I Love You - Deborah Tannen The Four Hour Work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich - Timothy Ferriss Codependent No More - Melody Beattie Living [...]
from Craigslist
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2017.02.19 21:17 invah The utter wastefulness of the unloving parent

...the squandering of a unique relationship that can enrich your life and sense of being in so many ways. Especially when it is the parent who has the power to shape the relationship.
This, in the end, may be the crux of a parent's power over a child: not only to create the world the child lives in but also to dictate how that world is to be interpreted. - Deborah Tannen
In a world where true connection is so maddeningly elusive, love is hard to find and even harder for most of us to hold on to, a parent's stubborn insistence that we are lacking, unlovable, and had nothing to offer them (or anyone else) seems all the more unfathomable...
Remember that many unloving parents never acknowledge their behavior, so the idea of their addressing what they missed is more or less a fantasy; the denial is too great. But I think there is value in shifting from what a child wanted, needed, and never got—a first step in identifying your childhood wounds—to what the parent gave away.
-Excerpted and adapted from 4 Things Unloving Mothers Miss Out On (content note: mother-adult daughter relationship perspective)
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2016.12.10 08:13 Mr_Rawrr r/Communism101, what podcasts are you listening to?

Mine are as follows in general order of how often I listen (beware some include liberal/establishment views). Most are political, and about data-backed policy analysis (which I prefer any if you've got em).
Individual episodes are listed next to them if I consider them to be the best I've heard of, things you ought to listen to ASAP and can come away with applicable knowledge are bolded.
Help me radicalize my list please.
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Moment Zoominar: A Wide Open Conversation with Deborah ... Deborah Tannen, 'Finding My Father' - YouTube The Open Mind: Language, Sex and Power, Part 1 Deborah Tannen (Part 1) - YouTube Deborah Tannen In Depth: Status and Connection - YouTube Deborah Tannen: Gender-specific language rituals - YouTube Deborah Tannen: Can We Talk? (Clip1) (3/14/13) - YouTube

Deborah Tannen, PhD Center for the Study of Sex ...

  1. Moment Zoominar: A Wide Open Conversation with Deborah ...
  2. Deborah Tannen, 'Finding My Father' - YouTube
  3. The Open Mind: Language, Sex and Power, Part 1
  4. Deborah Tannen (Part 1) - YouTube
  5. Deborah Tannen In Depth: Status and Connection - YouTube
  6. Deborah Tannen: Gender-specific language rituals - YouTube
  7. Deborah Tannen: Can We Talk? (Clip1) (3/14/13) - YouTube

An excerpt from the companion video to He Said She Said, available on YouTube rentals. Deborah Tannen goes in-depth to address key implications, criticisms, ... Deborah Tannen, New York Times bestselling author of You Just Don’t Understand: Women and Men in Conversation and Norman Ornstein, resident scholar at the Am... Prominent scholar Deborah Tannen discusses gender-specific language rituals in children at play. (Part 1 of 2) A linguistics professor at Georgetown University, Deborah Tannen is the acclaimed author of You’re Wearing THAT? Understanding Mothers and Daug... Deborah Tannen: Can We Talk? What's Really Going on in the Conversations Between Parents, Partners, Co-workers, Sibs and Kids!University Professor, Georgetow... Guest: Deborah Tannen, author of “Talking from Nine to Five” Taped 10-30-1996 In May 1956, Richard D. Heffner, American historian, broadcaster, and University Professor of Communications and ... In this memoir, Deborah Tannen embarks on the poignant, yet perilous, quest to piece together the puzzle of her father's life. Beginning with his astonishing...